Holistic Functional & Integrative Medicine

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The scoop on IV and Oral broad-spectrum and balanced nutrition:

Some 200-trillion cells comprise our body, and there are 868-trillion give or take a few thousand reactions occurring per second! That is pretty complex.

Cellular health = observable health. If our insides are doing well even on a cellular level, then "we" as a whole are doing well and show it on the outside.

When our cells work optimally they allow for good communication with other cells and the body as a whole functions very well. Maintaining maximal cellular health and wellness will provide for health and happiness. Physicians that know functional and cellular medicine are best able to keep their patients health and self sufficient and not dependent on the overwhelmed healthcare system or on prescriptions drugs. 

Achieving this for our patients is our world-view and goal. Oral nutraceutical and nutrition medicine can achieve 95% of this, but at times there is a need for IV nutritional help. Dr. Saleeby has been administering traditional and modified Myers' Cocktails (Gaby-Wright Cocktails) and Hi-Dose Vitamin C by IV for over 15 years.  

This IV-infusion service can also be delivered in the comfort of your own home. Our excellently trained and experienced staff of home-bound RNs make this happen for us. Read about the Myers' Cocktail in Dr. Saleeby's blog to discover the wonders of this IV intervention. Nothing is better for the flu then this single and simple intervention, and that is just the start.

Boston Heart Lifestyle Program with Priority Health Carolinas

The Boston Heart Lifestyle Program is different from other wellness programs you might have seen or tried because our personalized and scientific approach creates a heart-health strategy just for you. Developed with nationally renowned nutrition, weight loss and diabetes reversal expert, Michael Dansinger, MD, the program is based on extensive research and clinical success in reversing disease.  Dr. Dansinger is an adviser with "The Biggest Loser" show.

It all starts with your Life Plan which is created using a formula that combines your test results, medical history and personal preferences to build a personalized nutrition plan that is as unique as you are.

Your Life Plan includes:
• Personal goals – for calories, food types and portions, and exercise based on your specific heart disease risks.
• Scientifically designed nutrition plans – using an exclusive algorithm that formulates nutritional food options.
• Resources – information you need in order to make changes in your life.

After you get your Life Plan, you can choose one of the Lifestyle Program’s specially trained Registered Dietitian coaches to help you understand how to integrate your Life Plan into your everyday life. They will help you set goals and inspire you to follow through with healthier habits that can reduce your heart disease risk. The Lifestyle Program gives you access to easy-to-use, online resources, such as a food and exercise journal you can use to track your progress, nutrition and exercise articles and 24/7 secure access to your test results, Diagnostic Report and Life Plan.

Once you review your Boston Heart Diagnostic Report with your PHC provider, take advantage of the Boston Heart Lifestyle Program—and get moving toward improving your heart, your health, and your life.

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