Holistic Functional & Integrative Medicine

How it works:

After your inquiry, you will receive a packet via email. All will be explained and our office manager will be availabe to answer all your questions before booking your first appointment.

Schedule of Fees (your investment in your health):  

  • New Patient: This is a two visit encounter. Total investment for both first and second follow up visit is $625. This includes a $300 initial visit; $25 lab processing fee; $300 follow up lab review and health plan. $100 is collected (non-refundable) to secure your first appointment; expect to pay balance ($525) at conclusion of your first visit.
  • Level I ($100) short visit with mid-level (single issue, usually <30-min.)
  • Level II ($200) moderate complexity with mid-level (up to 1-hr.)
  • Level III ($300) complex visit with mid-level, ND or Dr. Saleeby (1-hr.)
  • Level IV ($450) complex visit exceeding one-hour with Dr. Saleeby. Other providers usually involved. Additional education and services provided.
  • House Call Service: Initial New Patient Intake + Lab Collections (1 - 1.5 hrs): $275
  • Follow Up House Calls (30-min+): $150 (visit only/labs, other fees may apply depending on services)
  • Telehealth follow up call with provider to discuss labs and health plan: $300.
  • Additional Fees: Please realize as a Direct-Pay practice all services may have applicable fees such as unsolicited e-mail & phone conversations; Rx refills (not associated with office/telehealth visits); insurance and disability form completion. RN office visit: $35; Wt. Management Program: $500 (40-day: 3 visits + hCG + wearable device); Phone/Email Level I: $10; Level II: $20; Rx refill not associated with office visit: $10 (bridge Rx); $20 for 3-moRx; $30 for 6-moRx; RN visit n some cases a minimum at discretion of center.

*Our fees are cash-based. If you do carry Healthcare Insurance we will provide SuperBills for you to file and courtesy file for you after your visit. This does not apply for visits with ND or other LifeCoaches. We no longer accept Medicare or any third party insurance to cover Office Visits, House Calls or TeleMedicine services. Having Healthcare Insurance does benefit you for our advanced laboratory testing as it keeps those more costly expenses to a minimum out of pocket. Most plans provide 100% coverage of your Lab Testing costs through our preferred CLIA-certified laboratory vendors. Most of our vendors adhere to a "no-balance billing" policy, but there are exceptions. We would be happy to answer any of your insurance and cost estimation questions. Prices are subject to change.

**Fees depend on complexity of encounter and length of time devoted to your care and care-plan in and outside of immediate consultation, not necessarily based solely on time.

***This highest level visit allows you to choose a 30-minute session with a Naturopathic doctor, energy healer (Pranic) or Lifestyle Coach/Personal Trainer.

****You investment in your health should reap great dividends.